About Me

My Background

New York City razor blade art miniature

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in fine art and illustration as my major. I was drawn to the airbrush early on as a way to create the look I was searching for in my art. That has led to exhibits across the U.S., magazine articles, writing a book and some amazing teaching experiences.

My Medium


I have fallen in love with the versatility, brilliance and light fastness of a water based custom paint called Wicked Colors by Createx. This acrylic based liquid paint is formulated to be used with an airbrush but I find it exceptional with traditional paint brush techniques as well.

My Inspiration

Inspiration art beach still life

I am without a doubt process driven in my art. While I am inspired by so many things, it is the challenge for me to conquer what is seemingly impossible. This is what has led to my love of painting miniature pieces of art. To create an image that is technically difficult is euphoric for me.