‘Time’s Up’ poster




Super high quality poster of the painting ‘Time’s Up’. This is a magnified image of the my first double razor blade painting. The overall size of this poster is 11.25″x 17.25″.


I had been invited to submit a painting to the Goldtooth Gallery in California for an upcoming show. The only requirement was that the subject contain a skull. I knew that I wanted to send a razor blade painting and given that it was 2013 and we managed to survive all of the ‘End of Time – 2012’ hype, I thought it would be fitting to have the theme based on the Mayans. The thought was to have the carved Mayan skull with glowing eyes sitting ominously on a glowing calendar. The problem was getting all that information onto one blade. After trying many compositions, I decided to see what it would look like on two blades. Everything came together after that and the result is the painting you see today. To add to the Mayan feel, the original painting has a backdrop inside the frame of actual sand which can seen clearly in the poster.


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