‘Roger Ball, Hornet’ limited edition print

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Super high quality offset, limited edition print of the painting ‘Roger Ball, Hornet’. This is a painting of a F/A-18 Hornet in its final seconds before landing on the carrier. The overall size of this print is 20″x 24″. The image size is 14.5″x 19″. It is printed on Mohawk Superfine white 100% rag. Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered.

“As the summer sun sets, all that remains is landing aboard ‘the boat’ and everyone is watching from the deck crew to your skipper is watching. After a crisp 400 knot break at the bow, you go dirty…with gear, flaps and hook down, you’re ready to trap. You maneuver your 15 ton jet around the corner, and just begin to glimpse ‘the ball’… the sliver of light that will guide you safely aboard. With a clear view of the lens you call ‘400, Hornet ball’ asking the landing signals officer for clearance to land. With the familiar voice you have heard hundreds of times, the LSO responds with a smooth ‘Roger Ball, Hornet,’ giving you a clear deck to land on. The ball crests slightly as you cross the ramp…and then it happens; a controlled crash that decelerates you from 150 miles per hour to a dead stop in under two seconds…all of it riding on a tailhook the size of your fist and a wire no thicker than a half dollar. You’re thrown against your harness while the engines scream at full power. You look up and…Yes! A perfect pass – An OK 3-wire.”



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