‘Hornet High’ limited edition print

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Super high quality offset, limited edition print of the painting ‘Hornet High’. This is a painting of a F/A-18 Hornet delivering two Mk 82 bombs on target. The overall size of this print is 24″x 20″. The image size is 18.75″x 15″. It is printed on Mohawk Superfine white 100% rag. Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered.

“I’m on the deck, haulin’ the mail…target’s at six miles. Lead calls ‘gate’ and I’m full blower pulling for all I’m worth, hitting the chaff and flare dispenser like a sledgehammer. Screaming towards the sun, I dip a wing and pick up the target at 11 o’clock low…looking good, rocketing through ten thousand feet, altitude passing quicker than it can be read – overbank, on my back and I’m easing over the top, pulling to the target, watching my lead, calling ‘2’s in hot!’ Now life happens in fast forward – target, lead, target, formation, target, target, target…finger on the pickle passing 9,000. A half ton kick in the pants tells me my two Mk 82’s are off the racks. Nearing the sound barrier, throttles come back and a seven G pull until I’m seeing stars – grunting out a ‘2’s off, safe’ like a weightlifter with a thousand pounds on his chest – roll on a wing and watch the tank hull incinerate in an explosion that you feel as much as see. ‘2 your hit…shack’ – A bullseye and I’m headed home.”



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