‘Bucket List’ giclee


Giclee print of ‘Bucket List’



Super high quality giclee print of the painting ‘Bucket List’. The original razor blade sized painting depicts a classic hot rodded t bucket. The overall size of this print is 5″x 7″. The image size is 1.75″x 1.” which are the same  dimensions of the original painting. It is printed on Canson 100% rag, hot press fine art paper.

One of my favorite things to do is to wander through cruise nights. It is a never ending flood of inspiration for me. The usual drill is to find a car that inspires a painting, meet the owner and then grab some reference photos. With ‘Bucket List’ I never got the chance to meet the owner of the car and as a result, the painting came together without any details from the owner. The irony is that the owner was living only a mile from my studio. Sooner or later I will run into him and show him the painting. For now, this one remains on my bucket list.


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