Oh wait, let me show you….

I’d like to say that I am getting used to the blank stare that I usually get when trying to explain my work. That of course would be a lie. The one huge advantage that I have in painting so small is that I can literally have a painting on me at all times. The cards, pictures and even the web images simply don’t give the real impact that an actual painting does. I can get in depth all I want with the details on why I paint on razor blades but it isn’t until I actually show the real thing that things start to make a little sense.

That convinced me that I needed to make sure that I was prepared. At first I would carry an unframed blade painting with me but that obviously has its problems. Bucket List

First, the edges of the painting would always start to show wear. Second, it’s just plain wrong to walk around in public with razor blades in your pocket. I decided that I need a small portable frame to show off the latest unframed piece. Basically I made a small version of the frame that I have been using on all my paintings. This one however uses a magnet in the center to hold the current painting and swap them out quickly.


Bucket List framed

‘Bucket List’ has been in the travelling frame a lot lately. I have a regular sized frame for it but I just love having this painting with me all the time so the big frame sits empty.

So now I can get through the blank stare stage of the conversation quicker and move on to my favorite part of showing my work which is the inevitable ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ part. More on that next time!


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