The Lace How-To


My buddy Joe Larry Mason was asking some questions about how I worked out the stockings and lace on the ‘Beantown Beauty’ air cleaner so I thought that I would pull together a quick how-to on how I got this one done.

First step is to paint in the base flesh color for the legs. I used Createx Illustration colors and the flesh color is made up with white, a touch of scarlet and touch of Burnt Sienna.


Second step is to create the stocking color. Simply adding a touch of black to the original flesh color gets that done. I cut out a stencil of the left leg first, This will give me the chance to get the shadows in.


Third step is to use another cut out to paint in the stocking color of the right leg.


Fourth step is to establish the lace. I use another cut stencil to lay out the edge of the lace.


Now, using a bit of reference material, I use a #2 pencil to sketch out the basic lace pattern. As the design nears the edge of her legs, the patters condenses.


Now that the basic pattern is laid out I can use the watercolor brush to paint in the lace pattern.


Using the first left leg cut out stencil, I add a touch more black to the flesh color and shade the darker areas.


Same color for the right leg. and then I use pure white to add a soft high lights on the top of the leg and knee cap.




Finally, I cut a new stencil for the red in her shoes and then add a simple pin stripe to tie it all together and that is how this one came together!



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  1. WilliamBOW says:

    Wow, what a video it is! Genuinely good quality video, the lesson given in this video is genuinely informative.

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