Good days

steve banner lGreat weekend!!

Got my daughter moved back into school and realized again that she has some really great friends around her. I had three paintings hanging in this year’s Downtown Brockton Arts and Music festival. Got to see some amazingly diverse art (glad I wasn’t judging!) and met some great people. Came home and was completely motivated to paint. I also understood again how lucky and happy I have been with the people I have met. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Things that are coming:
I am just about done with side one of the True-explosion rifle. For side 2 there was a request for a how-to so I think I might use this project for the video experiment.

Still planning on running the twitter contest. The longer I think about it, the bigger it gets 🙂

New series of paintings coming up as well. Looking to change things up a bit.

So as always, thanks for checking in, keeping track and spreading the word!

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2 comments on “Good days
  1. Steve Bear says:

    Very exciting stuff Steve! You are one of the hidden talents in the Airbrush World. I will add a Steve Leahy RichPen Airbrush to your twitter contest when you are ready.

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