sl bio_clip_image002I have developed a compelling urge to capture the attention of everyone viewing my paintings. The world around us offers an absolutely incredible amount of visual information that we simply allow ourselves to tune out in the overload. My goal with each painting is to capture that moment and cause the viewer to pause and take in the world of details and colors that are there but seldom noticed. Each painting I create becomes an entire landscape made up of seemingly plain, everyday moments.

In order to accurately translate that visual information, I have chosen the vibrancy and permanence of waterborne automotive paint for my work. The primary tools used to apply this paint are watercolor and air brushes. I have found no other combination of tools that can produce the range of effects that these tools can. The ability to create everything from seamless washes to razor sharp details allows me to push the realism in all of my work.

Three pieces that represent my current direction and vision all examine complex patterns in everyday objects on a miniature scale. ‘Though Sabine’s Eyes’ creates the juxtaposition between the sprawling New York skyline and the scale of a single edge razor blade. In ‘Car Jockey’, it is the challenge to create depth and realism in the highly reflective surfaces of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Finally, ‘Mors Ex Tenebris’ explores the detailed and complex patterns of the ocean in contrast to a Navy A6 Intruder.

My goal in working on a miniature scale is to create a painting that defies its very size. The piece needs to stand up to high magnification so the viewer only comprehends the scale after the impact of the actual painting has occurred. This small scale creates an intimacy between the viewer and my work and I feel very fortunate that both my ability and choice of medium have allowed me to translate my visions.

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