Month: October 2010

The Big Show

Well, it has been interesting being sidelined by such a potent cold. However, the really nice thing about working in the same place that you live are the opportunities to get a few things done here and there despite something

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Ducati Blade – Part 2

Here is the second installment in the painting of the Ducati blade. From here the emphasis shifts from mostly airbrush work to a balance of work with both the airbrush and a paint brush. In the same photocopy template method

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The Ducati blade is all finished and I will have the second installment of that how-to posted but I wanted to write a little bit about inspiration for this blog entry. In advance, thank you for indulging me for a

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The Making of the Ducati Blade

OK, enough soap boxing, time to get down to painting. In mid January I will be having a show at the Felos Gallery of new work. The drive of the show will be mostly these miniature paintings so I thought

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